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MKS Makurat is a family run business involved in transport and forwarding services that has been on the market since 1997. Since the inception of our business we have offered services across all of Europe, as experts in both long distance international transport of cargo, as well as short domestic transport.

Out unquestionable asset is professional and experienced staff , both drivers, as well as office workers, ensuring efficient and satisfactory fulfilling of entrusted tasks based on long-standing experienced gained in our company.

We are highly flexible when it comes to the type and quantity of transported goods, as well as delivery time. We operate tractor units with semitrailers of carrying capacity up to 25 tons, solo tracks with carrying capacity up to 14 tons and buses with carrying capacity of 1.5 tons which guarantee express transportation. With this wide range of our own vehicles, we are able to offer any type of transport and deliver cargo to its destination for competitive price.

We welcome anyone willing to cooperate with us and we will use our best affords to make it satisfactory and long-standing.

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